The School of SWBT

To An Honest Future

We regret to inform you these domains are no longer utilized by SWBT, as I am the owner and I would prefer to share a message. This is a message of regret to Melissa Hahne. To the Board of Southwest Ballet Theatre, I apologize that you have been dragged into this fallout. Your role is to the young dancers, whom need your complete resources. Mel, this is about how quickly you would request profit sharing and always expect the losses to be mine.



I regret that I was so impressed by your passion and desire to bring the Arts to the West Valley that I believed you would be an honest partner.

I regret the 5 years of half-priced rent that I provided you while sacrificing countless opportunities for that space. I should have known after the first summer vacation when you were unable to pay that I was making a mistake.

I regret providing management services to you at no cost. Things like payroll, insurance, HR, accounting, and promotions were no big deal to you. All just part of your rent…



I regret the countless days and nights I provided my sweat equity in form of capital improvements to save OUR school tens of thousands of dollars.

I regret providing you health insurance, which has drastically effected my rates even to this day.

I regret introducing you to our community, whom in-turn, supported your vision as if it was my own.

I regret putting myself in this situation, where you walked out on 3 months rent as the pandemic struck and my community suffers. How do you suggest I explain to my kids whats really getting me down?




I regret that $3750 owed is the figure that has broken our relationship. An amount I contributed to your vision countless times without second thought, with no commitments from you. This whole situation would have been solved for less, $2500 in April had you simply upheld your word. Instead we are in July and I am required to store and disassemble your equipment.


Most of all, I regret considering you a friend, continuing to welcome your family into my business and assuming you and I were partners.

You have made things very clear, my problems are petty and beneath you. You suggest I pursue government handouts to support my family and pay your employees sick time.

We live in different worlds Mel, I work tirelessly for an undervalued service that literally saves lives. You agreed the world is changing Mel, unfortunately it is going to change the most for you as your ‘insulation’ from reality will not last forever.

I wish you the best Mel, enjoy your life in the Orange County, I hope the board distances you from the athletes and their future. I will start many new ventures and remember you by only a regret.

Peter Egyed