Fury takes the responsibility of keeping our community safe and healthy as absolute priority. To help ensure this Fury asks that every athlete adopt the following procedures with their workout program:

By signing CrossFit Fury’s Athlete Agreement I agree to the following: 

  • Upon arrival wash hands in either of the handwashing stations.
  • Maintain appropriate space from other athletes, minimizing shared equipment.
  • Following training, wash hands again and then disinfect all equipment.

It is also my responsibility to avoid utilizing Fury when experiencing any signs or symptoms of illness. Fury will provide extensive HomeWODs for me and the family as an alternative. Fury also provides home equipment packages to facilitate this.

Fury will continually evaluate the perceived safety of their operation and may impose or decrease restrictions as they see fit, regardless of federal or state guidelines.The health and safety of athletes is Fury’s highest priority. The following policies may be altered/enforced at anytime:

  • Increasing/decreasing class restrictions as necessary
  • Instituting a possible face mask policy 
  • Refusing service based on perceived symptoms (ex. uncontrolled cough)


Fury has implemented class size limitations on memberships in an effort to protect the community and maintain the highest possible level of service. Fury’s attendance policies may vary in the future, based on the efficacy of their coaching, perceived safety of athletes and taking into consideration current state and federal guidelines.

Memberships provide varying quantities of attendance and allow the flexibility to change the quantities each month. . Memberships  can be purchased by 3 means; class packages included in Memberships, Punchcards and Unlimited Memberships.

Class Packages provide an ‘average weekly attendance’ calculated every cycle. Attendance records will be reviewed when preparing future invoices. Depending on your actual attendance, Fury may recommend larger or smaller packages to reflect my usage. Registration is enabled 3-7 days in advance.

Punchcards provide a set number of visits to be used within a 12 month period. As I utilize 80% of my punchcard Fury will automatically send me an invoice for another punchcard. Registration is enabled 3-7 days in advance. NOT AVAILBLE AT THIS TIME

Unlimited Memberships Are provided via PRO memberships and corporate sponsorships. There is no limit on attendance and provide a 2 week window to preregister.

I understand that registration is on a first come first serve basis determined on my membership level. There is no guarantee that I can attend specific classes if registration is already full but Fury will actively work to limit the occurrence of this situation.

If I am unable to fulfill a registration I need to early cancel the reservation via or text the FrontDesk 623.932.4338  to open the spot for other athletes. The early cancellation deadline is 2 hours before class start time. NO SHOW reservations count as a used attendance.

Any class with 3 or fewer registrations 2 hours prior to start may be cancelled, with notice provided to the athletes. Those athletes are welcome to still utilize Fury in an Open Gym manner, but coaching is not guaranteed.



All classes start promptly at the posted time with many classes requiring a 10min individual warmup preceding the start time. Fury will provide a 5 minute grace period, for special circumstances. Habitually arriving within the grace period or arriving later than the 5 minute grace period are subject to the coaches final decision whether attendance will be granted.



Fury recognizes how challenging it can be to reach fitness goals while caring for children. Fury is built on families setting examples for the next generation. Fury will provide Daycare for a rate of $4 per day per child or $20 per cycle for 1 child and $10 for each additional child. Fury requires pre registration for guaranteed access to the Daycare and needs to maintain a strict 60min max per visit. 

Fury intends to offer a ‘Preferred Accounting’ alternative to these Daycare rates in the near future.


I understand that memberships run on 4 week cycles, always initiating on a Monday and concluding on the 4th Saturday. Fury pricing reflects payments made by check, cash or bitcoin and are subject to a $5 fee when paying by credit, debit. Memberships at Fury require all current Athletes to initiate Membership with a $100 credit in their wallet (Membership + $100) These funds can be used for product purchases and future membership payments however when your balance reaches $50 or less, we will invoice you for another depsoit of $50.

Invoices will be emailed on the 4th Monday of my cycle, with physical payments due by the 4th Friday at 5pm. Athletes utilizing the Preferred Accounting must manually pay for the next billing cycle via the link in the invoice or by visinng My Account and viewing Orders.

Any athlete who are late to make payment for any two billing cycles will be required to deposit a minimum of $300 to ensure consistent servcie. The ability to register for class is dependent upon your possession of an active membership for the class which you are registering for.



Your digital wallet at Fury acts as intermediary bank account. We prefer to operation our business without the need of central banks controlling our processing and charging needless fees. Our ideal client follows the Preferred Account options below and subsiquently receIves discounts on all transactions.

Please note there are no refunds provided on Wallet Deposits though we will happily transfer the value to another athlete. We are considering offering a currency exchange, ie USD to BTC  though this is not confirmed at the moment.


Fury’s membership rates represent payment by cash, check or bitcoin. I understand that if I choose to pay by credit/debit card, I will be charged the merchant processing fees ranging between $5 or 4% of total amount, as part of my bill. 

Every member’s account has a built in wallet that will store additional funds for purchases. Fury will incentivize me to pre-fund my account to cover multiple membership dues, products and apparel for a reasonable amount of time. 

Deposits of $350-$1,000 will receive a 6% discount – eg $530 on account for a $500 deposit.

Deposits beyond $1,000 will receive a 9% discount – eg $1090 on account for a $1000 deposit.

These funds can be utilized for all transactions at Fury. These funds are non-refundable except for currency transfers eg USD to BTC,  but can be transferred to different individuals and have no expiration. This offer is only available for deposits made by cash, check or bitcoin. Your wallet balance can be viewed by logging into FuryStrong and activating the main menu slider.


By utilizing the HomeWOD Equipment Rentals or any other equipment loaning program I agree to the terms of that specific reservation typically but not limited to:

7 days in Duration. If I fail to return the equipment at the scheduled time I will be liable for the listed price of the rental regardless of my Membership discount.

I agree that the equipment will be stored indoors while not in use and I am liable for the equipment if I damage or loose it. This will result in a the full cost of purchase on my behalf.

I agree to maintaIn an active Membership and a minimum balance of $250 in my Fury Wallet.

By placing my reservation and taking possession I am agreeing to these terms and any other associated with that reservation.


We are committed to making health as easy as possible for our first responders. Please reach out to our front desk directly if scheduling limitations are preventing your access to class. We will facilitate your access to training as your health is a priority to us.


Our Legacy Members are those whom supported us through the Pandemic of 2020 and represent our core community. This is an additional membership that runs indefinitely as long as your regular membership stays active. There are various discounts and special offers that we will continue to provide to you as a sign of our gratitude.


I hereby acknowledge that the CrossFit training for which I am registered is a strenuous activity which is beyond the capability of some people, and may cause minor, severe and/or permanent injuries or death to those people that are not sufficiently physical fit, trained and/or experienced.  I have made my own determination as to whether or not I am able to safely participate in such training.  I recognize that CrossFit Fury, Breathe Later, Inc and CrossFit, Inc. have not evaluated my ability to participate in such training.  I also recognize that any advice dispensed through CrossFit Fury may not be appropriate for me, and it is my responsibility to make this determination. 

I acknowledge that CrossFit training is an extreme test of a person’s physical and mental limits and carries with it, regardless of physical fitness or experience, the potential for death or serious injury.  I hereby assume the risks of participating in such training.  I certify that I have not been advised against participation in such activity by a qualified health care professional. 

I, for myself, my past, present and future agents, attorneys, representatives, predecessors, successors, assigns, heirs and executors, do hereby waive, release and discharge CrossFit Fury, Breathe Later, Inc & CrossFit, Inc. from any and all matter of liability, claims for damages, causes of action, suits, proceedings, compensation, attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses of suits, claims and demands whatsoever, which may arise as a result of my participation in CrossFit training with Breathe Later, Inc, including, but not limited to any and all claims, losses or liabilities for death, personal injury, partial or permanent disability, property damage, medical or hospital bills, theft or damage of any kind, including economic losses, which may in the future arise out of or relate to my participation in or traveling to and from CrossFit training with Breathe Later, Inc. 

I acknowledge that there may be motor vehicles, cycles (motor-driven or otherwise), persons (whether on foot, cycle or otherwise), dangerous or adverse road/trail/route or water conditions, road/trail/route or water hazards, obstacles or other objects present, wildlife, marine life or other animals present during CrossFit training with Breathe Later, Inc and I hereby assume the risk related thereto of participating in CrossFit training.  I hereby assume any and all other risks associated with participating in CrossFit training, including contact or effects of other participants and effects of weather. 

I AGREE NOT TO SUE CrossFit Fury, Breathe Later, Inc, or Cross Fit, Inc. for any and all claims made or liabilities assessed against them as discharged herein. 

DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCESS: To the extent I desire to resolve ANY dispute with Breathe Later, Inc, CrossFit Fury and/or CrossFit, Inc., I agree to the following sequence of procedures to resolve such disputes:

      (a) Negotiations – The parties agree that in the event of a dispute, the parties will negotiate in good faith a resolution of the dispute prior to the making of a request for mediation or arbitration.

      (b)  Mediation – If negotiation does not resolve the dispute, the parties shall submit the matter to a mediator, whose role is to facilitate further negotiations between the parties.  The mediator will not have power to decide how to resolve the dispute, but will use recognized techniques to assist the parties in making that decision.  The mediator will be mutually agreed to by the parties.  In the event the parties are unable to agree on a mediator, the parties agree that the mediator shall be selected by the mediators nominated by both parties.

      (c) Arbitration – If the dispute is not resolved by mediation, the parties shall submit the matter to Binding Arbitration.  This means the power to resolve the outcome of the dispute will be assigned to the Arbitrator, and the parties agree to accept the decision of the Arbitrator as final.  The same rules applicable to selection of a mediator apply to the selection of an Arbitrator.   

I INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS CrossFit Fury and Breathe Later, Inc from any and all claims made or liabilities assessed against them as a result of (i) my actions or inactions (ii) the actions, inactions or negligence of others including those parties hereby indemnified (iii) the conditions of the facilities, equipment or areas where the event or activity is being conducted and (iv) any other harm caused by an occurrence related to CrossFit training through Breathe Later, Inc.

I GRANT PERMISSION for the use of my name and and/or likeness, including photos of myself, and testimonials relating to my personal training through CrossFit Fury and I WAIVE all rights to any future compensation to which I may otherwise be entitled as a result of the use of my name or likeness.