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We offer 3 membership options: Essentials, Fitness and Pro. Each membership tier offers varying weekly attendance options or unlimited classes.  Where the options differ is in how much individualized attention you’ll receive from your coach outside of class.  

We offer various personal training options, Corporate Wellness and Team Training programs individually suited to any needs.  Contact the Front Desk with details of your needs.

New Athletes Start Here

All new athletes at Fury recieve an individualized approach with a deadicated coach. Over your first 4 weeks we will meet 4 times to establish your baseline of fitness and begin addressing the most important elements for your goals.

During the Start Up you will recieve a detailed plan for each week, suggesting specific classes, additional homework and YOUR nutrition plan!

The first step is to schedule a free consultation to help us understand what you are looking for. 

Fitness Membership

Our Fitness Membership adds on increased individual coaching, and home equipment packages to be utilized any time of the year. This membership is an unlimited attendance membership.


Essentials Membership

Our Essentials Membership provides the economics of group fitness along with the accountability of having a personal coach. The self paced membership provides all the resources needed to take control of your health.

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Password must be at least 7 characters long.
The more we understand what is driving you, the better we can tailor our training to you. Every little insight helps.
When will you most often be coming to Fury? This will help us build the classes and schedule around you!
These are your desired primary coaching days, when we are teaching and building new skills. Don't worry, you will be inside of Fury, working out many other days as well :)
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