Fury Care Package

As a token of our support we are offering all Local LEO a community funded Care Package focusing on Immune Function, Health & Gratitude. For the rest of the year, all local LEO officers can request 24/7 access to Fury via Key Code. Your physical and mental health is critically important to us!

While supplies last please choose from a FREE  selection from our immune defense line:




Or for general health we have:



MELATONIN  for shift work.

Also included are ten N95 masks as backup protection so that you never have to take an unnecessary risk. Finally, we have a heartfelt letter from our community sharing our gratitude, support and appreciation. See the letter below.


Outside of providing opportunities for individuals to achieve peak health, Fury brings compounding social capital. We have a great community that has supported us through every situation and who share a bond of preservation, consistency and resilience.

Every day, our officers risk their futures to ensure our safety at home & work. We could not enjoy the luxuries we have if it were not for their sacrifices.

We hold the belief that the actions of any one individual do not represent the whole of humanity. This growing prevalence of ‘mass hysteria’ and ‘group think‘ does not reflect our vision of the future. We must unite in strengthening the values of our society while holding individual bad actors responsible. The position or rank of any individual cannot relieve their accountability to morals, common sense and public good.

There are true leaders among us. We hold the power to choose what type of future we want and which individuals to guide us there. We must not settle for mediocrity for our society. Those with honest convictions and true intentions make the world a better place. It is time we replace career politicians with leaders from all fields of experience, especially the sciences and medicine. 

Thank you to our public service officers. We are grateful for the oath you took to serve and protect. We see the dilemmas you are facing and we promise to do our part to return prestige to your profession.

To a bright future & strong community.