Fury Athletes
We hope you are having a relaxing weekend. My family and I took a few days up north for a celebration & perspective.  I am writing today, a bit overdue, to share our thoughts. Moving forward, I look to keep these communications much more regular as I have many ideas I wish to share.

Fortunately most of us have not been directly touched by this virus and those who were have beaten it. We must continue to take this situation serious and live intelligently to ensure our long term health. There is much we do not know about this disease therefore we will not accept reckless actions. We cannot however blindly sacrifice our freedoms to follow ignorant decisions with no foundation in facts or science. We are entering a generational turning point where we must decide what future we want to provide to our children. We have followed the failing policies of our institutions for too long now and everything is at stake. If we continue down this road it is undeniable that our children will have fewer opportunities and freedoms than we do. It is our civic duty to provide our children a bigger and brighter world that we have.

Since we began preparing for this pandemic in February, we have proven that our community is capable of intelligently and safely utilizing our services to improve their health at Fury. We are in the midst of a health crisis and have been denied access to health resources. We are subsequently creating an economic crisis which will be the burden of the next generation. I believe we can change this trajectory but it will not be easy.

With gyms are now closed indefinitely in Arizona while we wait for a ‘cure’… we will be providing group therapy sessions during all normal class times. We have the space, committed coaches and individual freedom to continue strengthening our community. We cannot live in fear and we should not be hiding our business.  It is going to take more than a cowards order to stop us from our mission. Please note, as someone who lived a previous life on the opposite side of the law I do not take the decision lightly. Nearly two decades ago I promised my family to direct my actions for the good of the world and ensure my freedom. I believe this decision maintains this commitment and that history will prove this right. I could not do this without the Fury team who is supporting these decisions every day. Please share your gratitude with your coaches for making this possible.

Starting now all scheduling, purchasing and reservations will be processed through FuryStrong.com.  When viewing the site please ensure you are logged in by clicking the main sliding menu in the top right corner. Once logged in that same menu will provide the Class Schedule and a link to Shop products or equipment rental packages.

We are permanently closing our Mindbody site and will no longer offer account balances (debts we carry for you to be paid at a later date). While our product selection is low at the moment, we do require all athletes to fund their Wallet in advance to make product purchases during the week. I do not foresee having regularly staffed front desk so most of our transactions will be through this site. If you currently have an account balance in MindBody, we will be emailing you an invoice  which needs to be paid with your next membership payment. Check out this FAQ page that provides directions for these tech policies.

We will continue to evaluate our situation daily while making modifications to our operations as needed and updating you. You will be seeing some physical changes at Fury as we downsize in an attempt to balance our budgets. We have many changes still in our future but I do promise you that our service & commitment to the community is only getting stronger!

To our Community,
Peter Egyed