As of May 5th 2020 these memberships have been revised to our final version. Please view our Foundations page for directions on getting signed up and complete your application on the Membership page. -peter

Welcome to Fury 3.0. With the state being closed we were provided the opportunity to consider what our future could look like and what services are most needed by our community.


Lets start by walking through a few immediate changes:


This website will be your membership hub. From invoicing, to scheduling, 2-way communications and continued learning through the Health RX courses! Many features are still being developed for implementation but the base framework is here. Explore around and set up your profile.



At the onset of the pandemic, our merchant processer (owned by Mindbody our managent system) decided it was in their best interest to HOLD the funds we processed for your membership, indefinately. This was done in the middle of the night and communicated by a single email, which was the same way they laid off[LINK] their staff in california… This made me realize they are not a partner I want to continue doing business with after 10+ years. When you consider that it takes nearly 30 Annual Memberships to pay for their merchant servcies, I needed to find a new way.


In an attempt to have control over our finances and keep more of your investment in our community, we will be billing in house. All membership rates advertised will be the price for Check, Cash or Bitcoin. All credit/debit charges will be subject to a $5 or 5% processing fee, whichever is greater.


Why Bitcoin you ask? It is a technology that is revolutionizing our world[LINK], faster than you think and I believe we should all have a base understanding of the benefits of instant digital transactions without middlemen. Our mission is to strengthen the community and I believe this technology is coming into our lives very soon. We can choose to understand it now and be ahead of the curve, or not.. its your call. Finally, I am sick and tired of the control many of our institutions have with zero contribution to society.  You can point out my inaccuracies in the comments.


We will provide suggested how to guides for getting started in the 21st century financial system 🙂



Moving forward, our membership and classes will be broken into a few categories for you to choose from. I DO expect these will change with time and these prices reflect a $20 discount that you earned by sticking with us. Regarding the class size size and frequency limitations, at the current moment, this appears to be a reasonable balance of Risk & Reward as well as Happy Customers & Keeping the Lights on. Its gonna be a tough road ahead but we are more commited than ever to YOU and our community!



-Prices reflect a $20 discount for staying with us.


$105 Month-Essentials: 1 Class a week and 2 WODs
$135 Month-Foundation: 2 Class a week and All WODs
$165 Month-Fitness: All Classes & WODs + Keycode access to train during off times.




Limited in Memberships, available for additional purchase for $10 for members per Class (15 Non Member) Class size policieis and limitations will change overtime. This is our current offering which reflects the miniman safety threshhold.




RX1 – Our CrossFit Basics program
RX2 – Our CrossFit Benchmark Program



WL1 – Foundational Barbell Strength
WL2 – Technical Barbell Strength




Less limited in Memberships due to open space and less equipment. Available for additoinal purchase $5 members($10 Non Members)


Park WOD – Family Based Fitness outdoors.
E1 – Foundational Aerobic Capacity
E2 – Anarobic & Max Output