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Fury’s programs are created from countless hours coaching, programming and guiding athletes to stellar health. Follow the steps below to get started.
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We need some information to get your profile started. Each member must have their own profile (kids, spouse, etc). Your profile information will help us create a framework for your specific training and education. 

Currently in development, we are calling this framework Health RX containing corresponding learning modules to assist your journey. For example, is your goal to get a muscle up? Start with building the basics of gymnastics. Whatever your goals are, the personalized training and education within Health RX will help! 


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Based on member feedback we are now offering customizable packages comprised of a selected Coaching Level plus number of Classes per week. If you desire just classes, check out our Punchcards.

Coaching Level options determine how much coaching is provided outside of class. Option 1 is Essentials, which provides the base level of coach guidance, ensuring progress towards your goals and keeping you in the community loop. The 2nd option is Fitness which provides individual coaching and guidance bi weekly from your coach and continued home equipment packages. 

After selecting a Coaching Level, choose how many classes you plan to attend each week (3, 4 or 5+). You can change your options each month. 


Once your package is selected, complete your transaction. Our preferred method of payment is check or Bitcoin. *Credit and Debit cards are subject to a $5 processing fee. 

You can prepay with cash or check, which updates your “Wallet” (included with your profile), and allows you to purchase the membership of your choice. You can also pay with cash or check. Select the desired option at checkout and your order will be on hold until payment is received. If you are interested in purchasing 8+ weeks or funding your wallet we will provide additional incentives.

PRO & Sponsorship

If you are interested in contributing to our community on a higher level, while receiving premium amenities and marketing opportunities, please send a request here. These upgraded options provide 24hr access, guaranteed reservations, corporate branding and much more.


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Head over to the Classes page and you will see a basic schedule. This is designed to get our athletes situated within their primary classes, RX (a combination of former Basics and CrossFit classes), and additional WODS throughout the week. Wednesdays are purposefully designed for you to meet with your coach, complete personal programming and or accessory work. More info to come.

We purposefully have only RX1, Endurance and WODs on the schedule at the moment as we transition to a new class schedule. We are prepared to roll out Level 2 (RX, WL and E) classes as soon as we have groups of 5 people within set time frames. We will happily adjust the current programming to your needs during this transitionary period. Check out the class descriptions below.

We will begin adding these classes into the schedule based on your feedback in the current OPEN blocks.

RX 1 provides general strength and conditioning following the CrossFit methodology of mix modalities, high intensity and constantly varied while designed for athletes within the foundational period of their fitness journey. Athletes may move into RX2 once the foundational requirements are met, providing the neccesary capacities to benefit from the RX2 programming.

Endurance 1 provides base aerobic capacity work, the absolute foundation of your health and fitness. Every athlete starts with some portion of E1 in their program. There are no prerequisites for moving into E2 however we encourage you to take your time.

WL1 follows a basic linear periodization for the primary barbell lifts, Squat, Press and Deadlift. This program also incorporates additional load bearing movements and provides the introduction to olympic style weightlifting and barbell complexes. See Foundational Requirements to move into WL2.

RX 2 is our advanced CrossFit program which focuses on the Benchmark WODs as RX’d and competively. See the Foundations Framework for neccesary prerequisites.

Endurance 2 is primarily sprint and anarobic capacity. There are no definitive prerequisites but we suggest primarily focusing on the aerobic capacity goals initially.

WL2 focuses on Olympic Weightlifing, technical lifting and barbell complexes. The prerequisites for entering this class are meeting the Foundational Strength guidelines and Olympic Mobility needs.