Welcome to Fury Strong!

This is our first phase of a Web3 application we are building to continually serve you. Please share comments and feedback  here.


The future model we are building with Fury Strong is a pre-paid, self service accounting system. We have chosen to stop credit and debit card processing because we do not agree with limitations and fees the banks provide. I would rather provide a little extra work for our team and and keep all of your dues in house.

In  perfect world, our ideal client will make 3 or 4 deposits onto their account annually by cash or check. We are incentivizing this by what we are calling the Preferred Accounting program. Essentially we are offering you a 6-9% discount on all transactions by making our management job easier.

All deposited funds will be located in your Wallet which is viewed from the main menu when you are logged in. All memberships run on 4 week billing cycles, regardless of what you have done in the past. When your invoice arrives 7 days before the expiration, simply follow the link to My Account and pay for the next cycle form your wallet. Scheduling classes require an active membership at the time of class.

When you want to purchase water or shirts at the front desk you will self checkout instead of writing your name on a sheet of paper for our staff to come behind and put on your account to be billed at a later date. We will provide you a link at the desk which opens your browser to the product checkout page or you can view our Shop page. This process literally takes less time than scribbling your name and some description of a product.

We will be requiring all new athletes to pre-fund their accounts upon joining with $100. This will be used in the future for products or membership and we would like you to consider the same. If we find you are consistently late on membership payments, we may require you to fund $300 to continue service. Ultimately we want to focus on the coaching and health we provide, this is the business model we have chosen to focus our resources on improved health.




BROWSER We intend this site to be primarily used on mobile and either Safari or Chrome browsers. We do test on FireFox and Duck Duck GO but dont always have the resourcs to ensure every browser is perfect.

COOKIES This site tags your browser/device to deliver specfic content. Please consider accepted the cookie policies and maximum utility. If you do not accept there will be features on some pages that do not load or appear broken. Please view our Policies if you are concerned about your data.

MAIN MENU The right hand slider is the primary menu. When you are logged in you will have access to our Schedule see your wallet balance. When you are not logged in those links will not be available.

LOGIN Everytime you view the site please ensure you are logged in for maximum utility. There are features, discounts and content that are specific to you and your membership. Below are images of the main menu showing when I am not logged in with only 3 options, then when I am logged in with membership specific links.

  • Once you are logged in  you can pay for membership renewals at My Account.
  • The Schedule link will take you to today’s therapy classes 🙂
  • Shop is where you will allow you to self checkout products from the front desk.
  • The #FuryStrong link is where we publish recent & relevant content.
  • Wallet Balance is listed at the bottom.

Continue on to the Membership, Billing & Wallet module below for payment directions.


Membership, Billing & Wallet

WALLET All Athletes are required to pre fund their wallet to make weekly product purchases at Fury. We are NO LONGER  carrying a debt for you. Please deposit additional funds with your next membership payment in the Drop Box at the front desk. When you prefund your wallet in excess of $350 you will recive 6% match of funds which discounts all transactions. See Preferred Accounting for this offer and 9% options!

Please note there are no refunds provided on Wallet Deposits though we will happily transfer the value to another athlete. We are considering offering a currency exchange, ie USD to BTC  though this is not confirmed at the moment.

MEMBERSHIP BILLING All memberships renew every four weeks regardless of the deposit size you make. You need to ‘Pay For’ each billing cycle from your wallet by the steps below. When you recieve the email reminder that your membership is renewing, you can follow the links within the invoice to complete the transaction.

Once you are logged in go to your My Account dashboard at FuryStrong.com/My-Account

Then navigate to Orders if you are past the renewal date or Subcriptions if you are completing this in advance.

Choose the order which represents your current membership.

Pay for the order from Wallet. Done! Each membership invoice you recive will provide a link to complete this transaction. By doing this ahead of time you will never have a lapse in service.


Invoicing Everyone recieves email notifications 7 days before the membership expires. Please ensure you have funded your wallet before the expiration otherwise you will loose scheduling and content access. Payments can be made anytime Fury is open by depsoiting check or cash in the dropbox at the Front desk.

Schedule & Reservations

SCHEDULE is available for booking up to 7 days in advance for most memberships. You must have an active membership during the class you are attempting to register for ie you cannot register for a class on Tuesday if your membership expires on Sunday. Please ensure membership dues are paid prior to expiration to ensure continuity of service.

EQUIPMENT RENTALS Need to be confirmed on our end following your reservation request. We need you to maintain a Wallet Balance of $250 to complete the reservation. Your membership will provide discounted rates on the listed rental costs. Please view the HomeWOD’s for all options and availability.


Front Desk Products & Self Checkout


When you purchase a water or t-shirt at Fury you will now complete the transaction from your phone. You can use your camera to scan the QR Code at the front desk or you can navigate to Shop and find the specific product. Assuming your wallet has sufficient funds, it will only take 2 clicks to make the purchase. Literally faster than writing your name on the sheet of paper!

Most mobile phones can use the camera to scan a QR Code which acts as a physical link to a webpage. When you are self serving from the fridge or front desk, either scan the attached QR Code or find the product on the Shop page.